The Jeff Nippard Podcast (Bodybuilding)
Episode 12 - Changes in Hormones with Natural Bodybuilding Contest Prep feat. Peter Fitschen

In this episode contest PhD canditate and Pro Natural Bodybuilders Peter Fitschen discusses with Jeff and Robin:


-how hormone levels change as a result of natural bodybuilding

-specific training, nutrition and supplementation strategies to keep muscle while dieting

-optimal length of contest prep based on the research to get truly shredded

-is it possible to change your setpoint?

-how to reverse diet after a contest to restore hormonal milieu 

-gender differences in adaptations to dieting 


...and much more! 


You can find more from Peter here:

Instagram: @fitbodyphysique



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Hope you enjoy the show! 

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Jeff, Robin and Andrew delve into the anatomy and biocmechanics specific to the hamstrings and implications for training as well as EMG research and the hamstrings' involvement in a variety of exercises including the squat and deadlift. 

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