The Jeff Nippard Podcast

In this episode 6x world champion drug-free bodybuilder Brian Whitacre discusses with Jeff and Robin:


-balancing family, work and bodybuilding

-how to get really, truly shredded

-Brian's experiences with Daily Undulating Periodization under the guidance of Dr. Mike Zourdos

-Brian's macros

-how long should your contest prep diet be?

-Brian's favorite type of cardio

...and much more! 


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We hope you enjoy the show! 

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Episode 13 - Grow Your Following & Dealing with Online Negativity in Fitness feat. Matty Fusaro

In this episode Online Coach and YouTuber Matty Fusaro discusses with Jeff and Robin:


-how to grow your social media online

-growing your online coaching business

-fitness vlogging

-dealing with negative comments online

-specific YouTube marketing strategies for growth 


...and much more! 


You can find more from Matty here:

Instagram: @mattyfusaro



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