The Jeff Nippard Podcast

Part 2 of my discussion with muscle metabolism researcher Jorn Trommelen. Here we cover how to diet to maximize muscle protein synthesis. This is an audio repost from my interview on YouTube. 


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0:00 Intro
1:38 The role of carbs (insulin) and fats in stimulating MPS. Is insulin anabolic?
7:46 Whole eggs more anabolic than egg whites? (New research)
11:00 "Just hitting total daily protein intake” and an "IIFYM approach" to protein
13:25 Collagen protein discussion
14:32 How much protein do you need per day? 1g/lb per day? (The controversy)
20:21 Does protein intake depend on lean body mass/body weight?
26:13 Role of individual differences
28:02 Protein quality (plant vs animal protein)
31:46 Should vegans supplement leucine? (And leucine discussion)
34:25 How much leucine do you need per meal? (Is the “leucine threshold” legit?)
44:17 Protein distribution (Can you eat all your protein in one meal?)
What is the “muscle full effect”?
47:28 Intermittent fasting – is it sub-obtimal for MPS? (What happens when you eat 50-100+g in one meal?)
52:52 Is there a “refractory period”?
1:03:35 Protein before bed? How much and what type?
1:09:56 What about a protein feeding in the middle of the night?
1:14:35 Summary of training and nutrition for MPS
1:17:29 Practical takeaways for those wanting to really optimize results (3 things)